Kaesler Nutrition GmbH

With approximately 160 employees at the headquarters in Cuxhaven, Germany in addition to field representatives and an office in China, Kaesler Nutrition provides its customers worldwide with support and advice. 

Kaesler Nutrition is a company with a long tradition in the agricultural industry.

Heinz Lohmann and Paul Wesjohann started in the agriculture trading business in 1932. Heinz Lohmann founded the German fishmeal factory in Cuxhaven which later became the corner-stone of all Lohmann companies, while Paul Wesjohann started as a trader with a hatchery. 

In 1967 Lohmann Tierernährung (LTE) – an animal nutrition company – was founded. A year later a veterinary line was also incorporated in the portfolio. In 1996 the amalgamation of LTE and the veterinary division of the pharmaceutical company TAD resulted in the foundation of Lohmann Animal Health. 

In October 2014 Lohmann returned to its roots, focusing on the core competences of animal nutrition for all farm animals and founded the new, Independent Lohmann Animal Nutrition GmbH.

On December 1st 2016 the name of our Company changed into Kaesler Nutrition, find out more here.

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Kaesler Nutrition GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 3
27472 Cuxhaven, Germany

Phone +49-(0) 4721 5904-0