Kaesler Animal Nutrition has long-standing experieince in the production of premixtures for the compound feedingstuffs inudstry. The manufacturing of premixtures is precision work.

A high level of care and accuracy must be maintained during each individual working step. The additives used in premixtures are highly-effective substances that have a large effect on the animal even at very low doses.

This means that undesirable or incorrect dosage can have a huge negative impact on the performance and health of the animals. The production of premixtures must be geared in such a way that contamination and carryover are  reduced to a minimum. For this reason Kaesler Animal Nutrition produces its premixtures on production lines that are strictly separated in order to exclude the carryover of additives to the greatest extent possible.

CUXAVIT mix: highly-concentrated vitamin premixtures for the manufacturing of compound feed. Tailor-made according to specific customer needs.

CUXAVIT mix milk replacer: premixtures for the manufacturing of milk replacers. (LOMIX customer-specific premixtures of vitamins and trace elements for all animal species.)

LOMIX: customer-specific premixtures with vitamins, trace elements and other active ingredients (amino acids, pigments, enzymes…)