Annual AVA main meeting in Göttingen

„Herd management on cattle and swine farms – veterinarians and their responsibility for animals, humans and the environment" was the theme of this year’s 16th annual main meeting of the Agrar- und Veterinärakademie (AVA). Colleagues from Kaesler Animal Nutrition presented the opportunities for feed additives in modern animal husbandry in each of the three specialist forums on the topic of cattle, swine and horse.

A large number of specialists from veterinary medicine and agriculture took up practical issues during the three-day meeting in order to convey current information and tips on optimal herd management based on the most recent scientific veterinary and agricultural knowledge. The cattle session on Friday was mainly organized by Frank Menn (Kaesler Animal Nutrition) and addressed the challenge between performance and health of dairy cows in the area of conflict surrounding social acceptance.  Renowned speakers from various universities and institutes accepted his invitation and carved out an informative day that was followed attentively by the audience. During his own presentation he explained the potential for supporting high-performance dairy cows with plant-derived feed additives (e.g. Spicemaster CP).

The presentations in the equine section were related to animal nutrition and dealt with the challenges of equine metabolic syndrome as well as the diagnosis and treatment of gastric ulcers. In her presentation Dr. Elke von Heimendahl (Kaesler Animal Nutrition) described the significance of suitable feeding for horses with this metabolic disorder. She also pointed out the benefits of targeted supplementation. Supplementation with L-carnitine (Carneon) and plant-derived polyphenols (e.g. Spicemaster CP) supports the lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, reduces cellular stress, and helps to reduce the weight of horses and ponies.

The main topic on Sunday during the speeches on swine husbandry was the emergence of necrosis and hoof lesions as early at suckling pig stage, and first experience from the curly tail project. Certain essential amino acids can function as a fine adjusting screw in this complex system. Dr. Jörg Bartelt (Kaesler Animal Nutrition) addressed the topic of „ideal protein“ during his presentation and described the advantages of supplementation with synthetic amino acids (see also topic ideal protein).

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