Dr. Bruno Kaesler is engaged on an international level for the global interests of the feed industry

Re-elected IFIF Board Member on 04 October 2019 at the IFIF General Assembly in Rome

Since 2017, Dr. Bruno Kaesler has been successfully working together as a board member for Kaesler Nutrition, but also for other national and regional feed associations, feed organisations and company members from all over the world of IFIF.

Kaesler Nutrition stands for 80 years of experience with high research competency in order to develop and distribute leading products that set benchmarks with their effectiveness and safety. The company is committed to diligently more deeply about animal nutrition and making a decisive contribution to a societally accepted livestock husbandry and responsible nutrition. This know-how flows into Kaesler's voluntary work at IFIF, which represents over 80% of the world's animal feed production with its members.
Dr. Bruno Kaesler: "Our diat has a significant impect on our well-being and health. What is being put on the plate is important. Our concepts are effective components for animal health, economic efficiency, reduction of emission and efficient use of resources in animal nutrition.

With quality and knowledge, we make our contribution to a balanced and responsible diet.
As a member of the board of the internationally active IFIF, I am personally committed to support this."

Further information on IFIF can be found at www.ifif.org