Enzy - Effiziency wins!

Kaesler brings enzymes into the game.

Getting the best out of every feed – that is the aim of Enzy products. Thanks to the approval of ENZY Carboplus in the EU, the enzyme portfolio of Kaesler Nutrition has been extended to include NSPases. Along with ENZY Phostar (phytase), the range comprises highly efficient products to make previously unused nutrients available to pigs and poultry. Approved for broilers, pullets, turkeys and piglets, ENZY Carboplus increases feed conversion and thus effectively lowers feed costs while maintaining constant animal performance. Both products can be mixed directly into feed in the form of free-flowing powder, or sprayed onto pelleted feed in liquid form. Furthermore, ENZY Carboplus is one of the few NSPase products that is intrinsically heat stable up to 90°C. That is efficiency at all levels. You, too, can win with Enzy!

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