Eurotier 2016 – Dream start for „Kaesler Animal Nutrition“

With well-attended activity stations we were able not only to explain the importance and significance of feed additives for modern animal nutrition and their role in “Precision Livestock Farming” but also make them come alive. „As yet“ Lohmann Animal Nutrition, in Hanover we took the opportunity to present our new umbrella brand.

Whether with a VR headset and metabolic balance, the composition of flavours, the virtual hunt for free radicals, or the time-consuming inspection for contamination: We were able to give an understanding of feed additives to a wide audience. Our customers also appreciated our endeavours as with additives it is not only about basic supply and performance, but also about animal welfare, saving resources, and reducing emissions. These are subjects that everyone is talking about. To put it in a nutshell: feed additives make an important contribution for socially-acceptable livestock production.  


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