International Distribution partners rely on Kaesler`s trainings service

Application-specific advice for the use of LOVIT products on site.

Kaesler's quality is highly valued worldwide as reliable producer of high quality drinking water applications for poultry. With the Lovit brand Kaesler offers a wide range of formulations of vitamins, trace elements and other feed additives for the use in drinking water applications. Fast, easy, effective: we provide targeted and reliable support for poultry stocks in Europe and overseas.

With our annual training courses in different cities, our Kaesler team passes on our Lovit Know-how to our globally represented partners with lectures, workshops and guided discussions. So our partners can act as Lovit experts in their countries and offer application-related advice on Kaesler products.

In December we had the last meetings of 2019 in Hamburg. During a company tour of the Geflügelhof Schönecke GmbH, our partners from Saudi Arabia and Egypt were able to get interesting insights into the pioneering work of German free range farming. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team from Geflügelhof Schönecke GmbH for the informative tour!

Our Lovit family continues to grow.

We look forward to the upcoming international exchange and productive cooperation in 2020 with all our partners worldwide.