Kaesler Forum 2019

Under the motto „The Power of Flavours“ Kaesler Nutrition hosted the first Kaesler Forum from 8th to 9th May 2019 on the role of flavours in animal nutrition.

More than 150 customers from the international compound feed industry as well as leading scientists and industry representatives convened in the Hapag-Hallen Cuxhaven upon invitation of Kaesler Nutrition to explore the economic and biological potential of flavourings and odourants. The objective of this novel event concept is to build a bridge between fundamental research, applied science and industry, and encourage the innovative exchange of ideas, which our customers highly appreciated. Björn Thümler, Minister for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, acknowledged the significance for Lower Saxony as a centre of research in his opening speech along with Dr. Ulrich Getsch, the Mayor of Cuxhaven. Uwe Santjer (SPD) and Thiemo Röhler (CDU), both Members of the Landtag were also among the guests. Industry representatives Peter Radewahn (Managing Director of the German Association of Animal Nutrition / Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung, DVT) and Jörg Seifert (General secretary Fefana) followed the scientific discussions with interest. The agenda drew a line from findings in neuromarketing and the influence of flavours on human buying behaviour up to the significance of flavours in animal nutrition. The physiological side effects of phytochemicals and flavourings on the immune system, intestinal health and inflammation were explained in more detail in part three. The thematic programme was concluded on day two with presentations on the biological prerequisites of chemical sensory perception. Evidence was provided here that the long-standing opinion that poultry cannot perceive flavours is incorrect.

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