Kaesler Nutrition lead sponsor of Feed Info Conference, Frankfurt

The Feed Additives 2017 took place in the Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt from 27.09.2017 to 29.09.2017. This first-time event hosted by the renowned news portal Feedinfo served as a neutral discussion plat-form for the feed additive industry. Critical panel discussions on markets, product innovations, new research findings and the challeng of global regulation led to a diverse programme.

During the panel discussion on the subject of: „Reviewing the role specialty feed ingredients can play in antibiotic use reduction“ Dr. Bruno Kaesler debated with other representatives of the industry and the FAO about the future role of feed additives in livestock farming. Feed additives offer numerous approaches in the organism of animals in order to improve their well-being and performance ca-pability. The understanding about the way they work and their correlation offers many more opportuni-ties for research. Reducing antibiotic use in livestock farming is a multifactorial challenge that cannot be reduced to feed additives alone.

As lead sponsor, Kaesler Nutrition supported feedinfo’s intention of gathering the international feed additive industry, in order to underline the benefits of these important feed components.