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Female students discover molecular biology and genetic engineering in Kaesler`s laboratory

In January Kaesler took part in the event for the first time as an organizer of a mint:pink-student campaign on two days.

Five students experienced at first hand in our research laboratory what exciting things can be hidden behind the dry theory of molecular biology and genetic engineering. The State Commissioner for Women's Issues, Bettina Wilhelm, was also impressed and took the opportunity to see herself how successful Kaesler's campaign was. The girls were able to conduct research and experiments in experiments specially prepared by our laboratory colleagues. The goal was clear: bacteria should be made to glow. The girls were particularly happy about the "glowing result".

Supporting information:
The acronym "mint" stands for the terms mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (German: Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften und Technik). This cross-school project, developed for 9th grade of grammar schools, should encourage 15 to 16 aged schoolgirls` appetites for Natural and technical sciences so that the interest of young women in these subjects s at school, in training and at university increases.


Image 1:Our colleague Mrs Kracht (2.from right-hand), here with the women's representative Mrs Wilhelm, had a lot of fun with the enthusiastic students

Image 2 & 3: “Kaesler goes pink - thank you for the exciting hands-on action!”