Lovit – The solution during heat stress

Admittedly, the summer has only kept its promise to a limited extent, but the current high temperatures pose particular challenges for poultry husbandry. Benefit from the efficacy of LOVIT products and provide fast and effective relief in your animal house.

The problem during summer months is well-known; a sudden rise in temperature and change in the weather have a negative impact on the feed intake of the animals, and thus often lead to a drop in performance. In such situations it is important to be able to react rapidly and in a targeted manner. Highly-effective relief can be provided easily via drinking water as water intake increases disproportionately in comparison to feed intake during heat stress periods. Further tips can be found in our heat stress information flyer.

In the event of acute heat stress in poultry flocks we recommend the use of Lovit Anilyte+C. Vitamin C and selected minerals ensure the maintenance of the electrolyte balance in the animal, while the pleasant aniseed flavor ensures the necessary water intake. This innovative formulation as effervescent granules dissolves particularly fast and leaves no residues or lumps.