NEW! Spicemaster CP alpha – Performance without stress

The management of high-performance animals is a fragile balance which is subject to many influencing factors. The newly-developed Spicemaster CP alpha is a unique blend of plant-derived polyphenols that reduces cellular stress and supports the prevention of associated inflammatory processes in high-performance animals.

Metabolic load and stress have a negative impact on the productive efficiency and health status of animals to a great extent. Typical diseases, such as fatty liver, ketosis, or insulin resistance can develop as a result.

Spicemaster CP alpha is a unique polyphenol combination containing amongst other things green tea and curcuma for productive livestock, particularly during phases of high performance. The significance of these plant-derived polyphenols has already been demonstrated in a number of studies with both humans and animals. Supplementation of Spicemaster CP alpha in dairy cows during the transition and high lactation period showed positive effects on classic metabolic and performance parameters in addition to the expression of genes known to be linked to cellular stress.

Supplementation with Spicemaster CP alpha is thus a useful nutritional strategy in the management of high-performing animals for a stable health status. For a balanced ratio of health and performance.