In Belgium many of our customers are certified according to the officially recognized „Feed Chain Alliance Standard“ (FCA) which was defined by OVOCOM, an independent, non-profit organization, as a vertical approach to quality assurance.

The standard is subject to continual further development. The FCA demands on the purchasing departments of the certified companies are currently being brought into line with the standards of the British Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), GMP+ International and the German QS quality and safety. An important prerequisite is that suppliers such as Kaesler Animal Nutrition consent to one unannounced audit by the certification body per certification cycle. Kaesler has decided to participate in the unannounced audits and recently passed the first one. Kaesler thus once again shows itself to be a reliable partner for its customers, not only in Belgium. In doing so we underpin our own quality demands at the same time: with Quality & Trust we have been operating a vertical quality management system for a number of years. The transparency and reliability of this approach make a considerable contribution to quality in livestock feeding.