Presentation of the Kaesler Research Institute

In 2016, our research department was established in the BioNord biotechnology center in the fishing port in Bremerhaven. An interdisciplinary team of biochemists, chemists, process engineers and laboratory specialists analyze, research and test additives under laboratory conditions.

Over the past 5 years, Kaesler Nutrition has succeeded in building a research competence that, after establishing a biotechnological product and process development in 2018 and establishing a customer service (contract analytics and projects) in 2019, culminated in the establishment of our modern research institute Kaesler Research Institute (KRI) in 2020: the backbone for our high-tech and innovative products. Continuing our long tradition and expertise, we focus on 3 scientific competencies: Liquid Formulations, Solid Formulations and Biotechnological / Nature-based Production Processes. We believe these are the 3 essential technologies that will bring innovation to animal nutrition.

Our technology and process development for the manufacture of innovative products is implemented from laboratory through the technical area to pilot scale. This enables the optimal use of synergy effects in process coordination and the minimization of friction losses.

We believe that collaboration and the constant exchange with industry experts is key to success and leads to better and faster solutions. That is why our scientists work closely with academic partners worldwide. We take an open research approach by inviting academics and customers to work with us on the future of animal nutrition in our laboratory and pilot plant. The close collaboration with external scientists provides valuable insights into current trends and scientific opinions, gives access to the latest academically validated methods, and leads to the development of sophisticated, innovative, and sustainable solutions in agriculture. In addition, we work closely with our customers to solve customer-specific problems and continuously improve our products.

Besides the development of groundbreaking new products and technologies, we are continuously enhancing the existing portfolio and safeguarding our proprietary technology through patents and company-specific approvals.  

All in line with our vision of closing the cycle in the feed-food value chain.

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