Proven: Loxidan PG2+ reduces oxidative stress

Oxidative stress in broilers results in a significant drop in performance and influences blood parameters and muscle meat Quality.

One measurable pressure situation in flock management is heat stress. The negative effect resulting from heat stress is an omnipresent problem, particularly for poultry farmers in warmer regions of the world.

A study on the topic „Effect of antioxidants in feed on performance, health parameters and meat quality of heat-stressed broilers“ showed that feedstuffs of which the fats are protected by Loxidan PG 2+ have a positive influence on the performance and meat quality of heat-stressed broilers. For the purpose of the trial 180 male day-old chicks were divided into three groups and observed during the growing phase.

The results were published in an editorial contribution of the Spanish journal Nutrinews in November 2017. Please click here to download the e-print version of the Nutrinews report.