Successful days for Kaesler Nutrition in Moscow

Our trade fair appearance at the “Cereals-Mixed Feed-Veterinary” exhibition in Moscow was characterized by a lot of good discussions and plenty of “aha” experiences. Kaesler Nutrition used the busy trade fair with more than 400 exhibitors and over 10,000 participants to look after longstanding customers in the region and make it possible to experience the topic of feed additives.

Visitors were able to find out how difficult it can be to keep one’s balance with the aid of a virtual reality headset. Spicemaster CP alpha was introduced as a new way of finding the balance between high performance and health through feeding. With our Loxidan App the visitors were able to make a virtual experience on protecting feedstuffs against free radicals and thus against the spoilage of high-quality ingredients.
The positive effects of feed additives on animal health and saving resources also play an increasingly important role in Russia, but above all the high quality of our products is much appreciated in this region.