Carneon 50 is a granulated formulation with 50% L-carnitine and excellent flowability. The highly sophisticated manufacturing process guarantees a homogeneous distribution in the premix, and in consequence, an optimal L-carnitine supplementation via feed.

L-carnitine with excellent flowability. 

Carneon 50 is the optimal solution for monogastric farm animals.

In pigs, it enhances the performance of sows during gestation and lactation by reducing the metabolic load. Piglets show increased growth performance and vitality as a result of improved intrauterine development as well as improved metabolism after birth. In poultry, carnitine improves broiler carcass quality and optimizes laying performance and persistence. It leads to increased hatchability and greater survivability of chickens.   

Carneon 50 is also ideal for pets, as it helps with weight management, supports bone and muscle development, avoids L-carnitine deficiency in young animals, attenuates age-associated cognitive decline and promotes cardiovascular health.