Enzy Carboplus -  intrinsically heat-stable combination of xylanase and β-glucanase for poultry and pigs.

ENZY Carboplus, approved in the EU for broilers, pullets, turkeys and piglets, improves feed conversion and thus effectively lowers feed costs whilst maintaining constant animal performance. At the same time, ENZY Carboplus is one of the few NSPase products that is heat stable up to 90°C even without coating.

Convincing advantages:

  • Ideal feed conversion
  • Effective decrease of viscosity
  • Versatile application in all feed formulations




The  Enzy Carboplus range comprises:

  • ENZY Carboplus P – free-flowing, heat-stable powder.
  • ENZY Carboplus L – liquid formulation for application following pelletisation.