Enzy Carboplus is the optimized combination of xylanase and ß-glucanase for sustainable improvement of economically relevant parameters such as feed conversion, live weight gain or egg production.

Maximum performance for mixed grain diets.

The elimination of anti-nutritional effects of arabinoxylans and ß-glucans improves significantly the digestibility of nutrients in standard rations. This leads to an increase in metabolizable energy, which in turn enables a considerable reduction in the cost of feed. In addition, it allows more flexibility in feed formulation, in particular the use of locally available raw materials.

The  Enzy Carboplus range comprises:

  • ENZY CARBOPLUS 20 000 G  (heat-stable, dust-free microgranulate)
  • ENZY CARBOPLUS 7 000 L  (liquid formulation for post-pelleting application)