All vitamins are not made equal.

Sometimes differences lie in the details and are so small that you cannot see them. However, they can still make a huge difference. Our vitamins are an example of this. It is not about the physical properties, such as particle size or flowability, which are already particular quality features of our vitamins and vitamin mixtures - it is much more about the chemistry. Of course there are no differences in the physiological mode of action between vitamins from two different sources, but this is indeed the case with regard to the risk of contamination.

Feed additives may not contain any undesirable or forbidden substances. Zero tolerance applies to the latter. All parties involved in the value added chain are responsible for consumer protection and that is how it should be. However, the risk is high for the parties involved as the theoretical possibilities for error and contamination are virtually countless. On the other hand modern analytics can even detect quantities that are considered harmless or omnipresent in the environment. Despite this in the case of doubt there is a threat of considerable quantities of feedstuffs being blocked. The result is financial damage and image loss for all parties involved.

China is by far the biggest producer of vitamins worldwide. It supplies over 80%, partly even more than 95% of the global production of vitamins and precursors. There is no way round the Far East and the transition from a cheap labor country to a high-tech location has already begun. Environmental constraints are increasing and are being implemented rigidly by the authorities. The domestic market is also highly competitive. As a result the wheat is separating from the chaff among the suppliers. We have set ourselves the target of cooperating with the future-oriented companies and not just looking for the cheapest supplier any more. Our system for quality assurance is based on unfiltered considerations as to what an effective solution must look like.

  • Insight into the production, willingness for transparency

  • Reliable partnership on equal footing

  • Tackle root causes together with our suppliers

  • Independent and continual evaluation of our work and the system

This is what we have implemented. Our subsidiary in Shanghai operates quality development on site by Chinese experts with insider knowledge of the domestic market. On the basis of HACCP principles and in cooperation with our suppliers they develop effective measures and also carry out the logistics, thus ensuring that the goods can be attributed to the test reports at any time. At the same time a risk analysis which is continually updated is carried out in Germany with own knowledge as a producer, but also with input from external experts for quality assurance and analytics. We make this transparent in a customer portal for our Quality & Trust partner customers.  

This is how we are setting a new standard for quality in feed additives. Our Sales team is happy to advise you about the details.

Your advantage:

  • Highly increased product safety

  • Enhanced supply security (preferred supply)

  • Fair pricing

  • Sustainable solution, differentiation on the market