Too much stress and no appetite?

A new environment, a different climate in the stable, foreign stable mates - the influences after weaning, change of stable or transport are manifold and often show up in reduced feed intake and daily gains. This is a critical time, because the organism needs more nutrients due to the increased stress level and less nutrients are available to the animal due to the reduced feed intake. Special aromas and herbs are suitable to support the animal in this critical phase.


The right nose

The memory of delicious smells or tastes triggers a pleasant feeling not only in us humans. Pigs also remember tasty food. When they discover something familiar in a new environment, their stress level drops. The feed is better utilised and the daily gains remain high. The animals are fitter and more vital and therefore less prone to disease.


A memory effect?

The following experiment shows what it means when pigs remember an aroma. The piglets were fed a feed with a cuxarom fruit-vanilla flavour during the whole weaning period and the same aroma was also used during the first 7 days of fattening. Result: the animals had significantly higher daily gains after rehousing.


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Cuxarom Lac
Cuxarom Fruit

What is so special about Cuxarom?

  • Wide range of aromas - from pineapple to cinnamon
  • Natural smell and taste - suitable for all ages
  • Pellet and acid stable - suitable for all feeds

Can good taste be inherited?

It can. Especially vegetable components can be passed on to the piglets via the sow. This takes place not only via the milk or colostrum, but also partly during pregnancy via the amniotic fluid. If the sow is fed with selected herbs, the piglets have a certain preference for these aromas from birth onwards. This facilitates feed intake during the stressful weaning phase and leads to higher daily gains in this critical phase of life. In a recent trial, the sows were given additional herbs from the Spicemaster portfolio for 20 days before birth. The piglets received the same herbs in the pre-starter immediately after weaning. Result: significantly higher daily gains in the first critical 14 days.


What is special about Spicemaster?

  • selected herbs & spices
  • positive support of the intestinal health
  • high, standardized product quality

With the Cuxarom and Spicemaster products Kaesler Nutrition offers high-quality free-flowing and easily mixable powders for use in compound feed or mineral feed. We deliver to your feed manufacturer, who doses the products according to your feed. Ask your feed consultant about our products or contact us for more information.


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