Around 75 million dogs and 90 million cats live side by side with humans in Europe. In addition to these there are some 106 million cage birds, small mammals, fish and reptiles. A total of more than 8 million tons of pet food are produced annually in Europe in this sector with the turnover volume growing annually by approx. 2.0%. 

An important driver is increasing consumer awareness for a healthy diet for their animals. The demand for premium feed and highly-functionalized supplements is therefore increasing and this sector shows high growth potential. Our portfolio provides high-quality, excellent solutions for extruded or pelletized dry food or wet food that opens new possibilities for innovative products. Our specialists are happy to advise you on tailor-made applications.

Life stage/Lifestyle

Different stages in life from youngster to senior demand an individual composition of minerals and vitamins that takes the varying level of activity of the animal into consideration. Our Cuxavit range provides virtually the entire spectrum of suitably formulated single vitamins and finely tuned premixtures for all animal species.

Weight Management

An improved mobilization of body fat is desirable to lose weight or avoid obesity. On a cellular level L-carnitine is an essential part of fat metabolism. With Carneon we provide the possibility to meet increased needs of L-carnitine through supplementation via pet food to ensure an effective fat metabolism. 


Pet food must be attractive to ensure sufficient nutrient supply via daily feed intake, especially when the pet food has been formulated for low-fat or high-fiber diets. We are specialists in liquid and powder flavors that ensure high acceptance and constant quality of the final product.

Functional Ingredients


Our antioxidant line Loxidan provides classic protection against fat spoilage. We have continually extended our long-term competence in this field and today we also offer natural antioxidants that are able to prevent oxidative stress in the metabolism in phases of high performance (e.g. greyhounds or gun dogs, animals used for therapeutic purposes, guard dogs, rescue dogs, blind dogs, animals used for breeding). Maintaining a healthy coat and skin can be supported by supplementation with zinc-methionine/biotin.